In recent years I’ve been passionate about carrying out applied research into digital teaching methods and second language acquisition. Of main interest to me is everything however remotely related to technology and online tools to facilitate online learning. What are students and teachers in need of in the classroom? What are effective ways of utilizing digital teaching tools in the context of EFL?

Goals and Ambitions

The break-neck speed at which technological developments are changing the landscape of professional teaching is immense. How will this impact our role as language teachers? What significance does A.I. have in this? At the same time, we our rapidly depleting our world’s natural reserves and thrashing our world’s habitability. It’s my ambition to take a closer look at the cutting edge of technology and sustainability and see how these two can merge to help us significantly reduce our own ecological footprints.

Education & Work Experience

I hold a B.Ed and B.A. in English Linguistics obtained at Leiden University. My professional experience was obtained through running my own business as a professional translator/copy writer and working as an EFL tutor at a vocational college for the creative industries. The research I carry out mainly focuses on second language acquisition, the online informal learning of English (OILE) and researching (extended) online language learning tools and methods.




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